John McLauchlan Notary Public - Member of the Notaries Society

John McLauchlan Notary Public

I am pleased to be able to offer Notary Services. My Notarial Faculty is an additional professional qualification to my Law Degree and my admission to the Law Society. I set out below an outline of the common tasks of a Notary such as myself.

Witnessing Powers of Attorney for use overseas when you are unable to be present yourself.
Witnessing documents for the purchase or sale of land and Property abroad.
Providing documents to deal with the administration of the Estates of people who die abroad or who own property abroad.
Authenticating personal documents and information for:
Immigration or emigration purposes.
Applying to marry abroad.
Applying to work abroad.
Authenticating company and business documents such as:
Agency agreements and contracts for use outside the UK.
Certification of the legal status of companies and other.
Corporate bodies.
Assignment of Patents.
Certifying documents or copies of documents such as academic or professional qualifications and marital status.
Authenticating signatures and identities.
Providing a secure record for transactions documents or events.
Foreign Office Legalisation and Apostilles.
Consulate and Embassy Legalisation.

Also as a member of the oldest legal profession in England and Wales, I can as a Notary do any form of legal work for you except for taking cases to court.

My profession as a Notary is regulated by the Faculty Office. I am also regulated by the Legal Ombudsman.
You may contact me:
Rose Cottage
Main Street

Telephone: 0116 259 5680
Mobile: 0779 6933527
Evenings, weekends and home/works visits are not a problem.